Why go to a therapist?

     Going to a therapist can be a worthwhile, growing and stabilizing experience, good for times when you have specific problems, interpersonal problems, or generally feeling down. You can go to a therapist once, for a few months or embark on long-term therapy – each depends on the needs, expectations and goals of each individual.


What makes therapy successful?

     In short, you make therapy successful. Not all therapy experiences are the same and the biggest cause of this is that each person is different and brings different expectations, talents and experiences into the therapy relationship. Success in therapy is in your control. If you don't take responsibility for your own mental health, there isn't much a therapist can do to come alongside you.


How do I prepare for my first session?

     Show up with the intention to be as open and honest about yourself as you can be. I will want to learn about what is bringing you to therapy at this time in your life and hopefully you will be interested in filling me in. At the same time I am learning about you, you will also be gauging how comfortable you feel with me as your therapist and if you are willing to move forward in a therapeutic relationship. The success of therapy is determined more by the quality of the relationship than the theoretical orientation of the therapist.

Please go to the Forms tab and fill out the Client History and Information packet. Email the completed packet to me no later than 24 hours before the start of our first session.


Do you take my insurance?

     No, I do not accept insurances. If you would like to see if your insurance will cover my services, contact your insurance provider before our first session. Your insurance will be able to inform you of the amount they will reimburse you to see an Out-of-Network Licensed Mental Health Counselor. I will give you a receipt for your sessions that will have all the required information an insurance company requires should you choose. Payment is due before our session and then it is your responsibility to submit the statement/bill directly to your insurance company. When the reimbursement check comes, it goes to you, not to me.
NOTE: Insurance will not reimburse for couples counseling, so this is not an option for my couples counseling clients.

What is an acceptable form of payment?

     Cash, debit/credit cards, and checks (made payable to "Anchored Hope Counseling") are all acceptable forms of payment. I will provide you with a receipt for your own personal records if requested.


How do I get started?

     Call, text, or email me. You will find my contact information on the Contact page on this website as well as a contact form if you would rather go that route. If you know you want to get started, let's schedule a session. Give me a call to schedule or click here to Book Online. Then, go to the Forms page to review all the necessary documents before our time together. 

Evening appointment times are available on a case by case basis. If you are needing an evening appointment, please email me through the Contact page and we can discuss this further.

I look forward to working with you.

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