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Authenticity is about the choice to show up and be real. The choice to be honest.
The choice to let our true selves be seen.

Brene Brown

What is telehealth/virtual therapy?

This type of therapy allows me to meet with you across distance through electronic means. Teletherapy allows us to bypass many barriers - childcare, work schedules, commutes. Feel free to join me with your morning cup of coffee while you're curled up in a blanket or on your lunch hour in your car or even in your backyard taking a break from being a stay at home parent. 

Teletherapy combines both traditional benefits of therapy and convenience. I have found that my clients are more comfortable in their own space and, therefore, are more quickly able to access a genuine connection that allows us to dive in to what is truly going on. When you're comfortable, you're more receptive to making your environment a part of the therapeutic alliance instead of trying to bring therapeutic ideas from my office into your personal space. 

What makes therapy successful?

In short, you make therapy successful. Not all therapy experiences are the same and the biggest cause of this is that each person is different and brings different expectations, talents and experiences into the therapy relationship. Success in therapy is in your control. If you don't take responsibility for your own mental health, there isn't much a therapist can do to come alongside you.


How do I prepare for my first session?

Show up with the intention to be as open and honest about yourself as you can be. I will want to learn about what is bringing you to therapy at this time in your life and hopefully you will be interested in filling me in. At the same time I am learning about you, you will also be gauging how comfortable you feel with me as your therapist and if you are willing to move forward in a therapeutic relationship. The success of therapy is determined more by the quality of the relationship than the theoretical orientation of the therapist.


Do you take my insurance?

I am an out-of-network provider. I can provide a superbill for you at the end of our session which includes all diagnostic information needed for potential reimbursement by your insurance provider. However, all payment is required in full at the completion our session time. 

I prefer not to contract with insurances for the benefit of my client. Insurances are dictated and driven by a diagnosis for length and type of care. I believe my clients are more than a diagnosis and, at times, a diagnosis can hinder the therapeutic process. In this way, I am able to tailor the sessions to the unique needs of each individual client.

What is an acceptable form of payment?

Debit/credit cards are acceptable forms of payment. I will provide you with a receipt for either your own personal records or for insurance reimbursement purposes if requested.


How do I get started?

Email me to discuss setting up an initial session. You will find my contact information on the Contact page on this website to email me directly as well as a contact form if you would rather go that route. If you know you want to get started, send me an email and let's talk about scheduling. I look forward to working with you.

Evening appointment times are available on a case by case basis. If you are needing an evening appointment, please email me through the Contact page and we can discuss this further.
I look forward to working with you.

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